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Singing Lotus Yoga Studio

Your Community, Your Studio! 4166 Dundas Street West, Etobicoke

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What is Reflexology?

This ancient healing art shares its roots with traditional Chinese acupuncture and teaches us that certain parts of the body (feet, hands, ears) contain pressure points or reflex points that correspond to points located throughout the entire body. The manipulation of the reflex points brings balance and harmony to the body and all of its systems. According to ancient teachings, this harmonizing of the body balances the subtle energy (prana) realm of the body and is essential to overall health and well being. Reflexology can improve nervous system health, enhancing the relaxation response side of the nervous system, reducing stress hormones circulating throughout the body and contributing to overall health and wellness. The gentle healing art of reflexology is an effective form of foot massage and can help increase circulation, reduce stress, revitalize energy and reduce overall tension and soreness in the feet. 

Andrea Dudun has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years and became a certified reflexologist in 2007. Reflexology, like yoga, is a wonderful way to reduce stress and improve overall nervous system health. To learn more about it, or to book an appointment with Andrea please call the studio at 416-236-7511. 

Pricing for Reflexology Sessions

30 mins / $35

45 mins / $50

1 hour / $65

1.5 hours / $85

*Restorative Yoga w/ reflexology (1 hour and 45 mins) / $110

*combining yoga and reflexology can bring about a deep state of relaxation and reflief from stress and anxiety. In yoga, the feet are our foundation in many of our poses. Reflexology can reduce tension in the feet as well as heighten your awarenss about the concept of grounding in your yoga and / or pilates practice.