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Singing Lotus Yoga Studio

Your Community, Your Studio! 4166 Dundas Street West, Etobicoke

Our Classes are designed to provide an appropriate level of physical exertion for the class level provided in the description of the class. All of our teachers encourage listening to your own body and working within a suitable pace for you. The class descriptions provided are intended to provide a guideline for the type of class and teaching you will encounter in the class you are interested in attending. If you have any questions or concerns about taking a particular class at our studio, please contact us directly.

Drop In Class Descriptions

Hatha Flow Yoga 

Classes incorporate physical postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama) and relaxation techniques to strengthen and stretch the body while focus is placed on grounded body and calm mind. Variations in styles and approaches explore hatha flow sequencing based on level of class and individual style of teacher. Choose a class / level suitable to support your needs and intention of practice. If you are a beginner, choose any level 1 or Gentle Class suitable for your needs. 

Slow Flow Yoga and Restorative Yoga

A great class for those looking for a gentle approach to Yoga and for those looking to find a more meditative / mindful practice.

Suitable for all levels, including beginners!

Slow Flow classes incorporate more physical movement with the focus of connecting breath to gentle slow moving flow sequences, working within our own space and limits.

Restorative classes incorporate the use of props in supported postures and we learn to work with gravity and breath to truly experience physical and mental relaxation and release.  

Yoga For Fitness / Core Fusion

A physically focused approach, incorporating breathing techniques and connection to core stabilizing muscles through the use of yoga postures (asanas), combined with pilates focus on core strengthening. The use of various props and light weights increase the physicality of the class. Not recommended for absolute beginners.

Cardio Strength & Stretch

Cardio, Strength & Stretch classes all encompass three necessary components of a well rounded fitness program: Cardio (bike/spin), Strength (pilates core) and Stretch (Yoga Asana). Call the studio or email the studio to pre-register & pre-pay for the class of your choosing. Check out the Pre-Registration Class Tab on this site for details.


Pilates Level 1 classes are suitable for beginners and focus primarily on mat work. Pilates Level 2 classes incorporate weights and props to increase physicality of the exercises while encouraging more connection and awareness to smaller, deeper, core stabilizing muscle groups. Choose a level appropriate for your experience and current level of fitness.